Welding – Pros & Cons…

What is Welding?

Welding is a fabrication or sculptural process that joins materials, usually metals or thermoplastics, by causing coalescence. This is often done by melting the workpieces and adding a filler material to form a pool of molten material (the weld pool) that cools to become a strong joint, with pressure sometimes used in conjunction with heat, or by itself, to produce the weld. This is in contrast with soldering and brazing, which involve melting a lower-melting-point material between the workpieces to form a bond between them, without melting the workpieces. Following are the advantages & disadvantages of welding:

How Welding Works

Advantages of Welding:

  1.  The welded structures are usually lighter than riveted structures. This is due to the reason, that in welding, gussets or other connecting components are not used.
  2. The welded joints provide maximum efficiency which is not possible in case of riveted joints.
  3. Alterations and additions can be easily made in the existing structures.
  4. As the welded structure is smooth in appearance, therefore it looks pleasing.
  5. In welded connections, the tension members are not weakened as in the case of riveted joints.
  6. A welded joint has a great strength. Often a welded joint has the strength of the parent metal itself.
  7. Sometimes, the members are of such a shape that they afford difficulty for riveting. But they can be easily welded.
  8. The welding provides very rigid joints. This is in line with the modern trend of providing rigid frames.
  9. It is possible to weld any part of a structure at any point. But riveting requires enough clearance.
  10. The process of welding takes less time than the riveting.

Disadvantages of Welding:

  1. Since there is an uneven heating and cooling during fabrication, therefore the members may get distorted or additional stresses may develop.
  2. It requires a highly skilled labour and supervision.
  3. Since no provision is kept for expansion and contraction in the frame, therefore there is a possibility of cracks developing in it.
  4. The inspection of welding work is more difficult than riveting work.

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